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Gallery Section: Interior 

This 12-year-old kitchen gives me immense satisfaction when a new visitor asks: 

"Did you just finish this process recently?"

Timeless is Where We Excel 

Connect the color from the adjusting room

See Something Functional Here? No Cleaning  Traditional Back Splash

The Lights: We will search high and low



Sip a cup

Gallery Selection - Accents 

Don't be afraid of color

Your/Your Kid's Art Can 

Too Be Accent

Traditional Accents

Go Bold, You will Get Home

Reclaiming Space: Cinderblock to Cinderella? 

This Wet Bar Never Worked

The 1st solution was to cover the outdated brown. The sink never drained.  So much wasted space!


When we finally were ready to tackle the space, we discovered that much of it was just filled with cinderblock. 

Space & Design

This is what became of the wet bar. And so much storage space in the cabinets under the shelf.

Who Does not Love Before and 'Afterer's'

Stairway Before (Pressure Point)

In old VSR tapes, I could not get enough of American home designs, but VSRs have been a thing of the past for a LONG time, and so are the design features that seemed great. Yet many dated design features persist in homes I visit.

Stair Way Well Upgrade

The ‘Squiggly Wigglies’ of the stairwell railing were my major Pressure Points, especially because it was the introduction to the whole house… Until I got a mirror from my local Buy Nothing Group, and then came the rest of the inspiration

Mantle Before

It took us a second to get that traditional look figured out. We don’t want you to wait forever for a solution!

Mantle Piece After

Same house. The mantlepiece is timeless. The architectural style is not compromised.

Office Before

Everyone has different tastes in furniture. The issue we came to fix: it was not a place someone wanted to spend time in.  

SDS Office Refresh

This office's story does not end here. Stay tuned.... 

Edition II is on its way!

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