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SDS's Design Ideation Module is a revelation!  I am blessed with a lovely home, but my family rarely used about a third of it, a very large open finished basement.  The fun and easy process, which took about 30 minutes and included a thoughtful art project and simple worksheet, identified why I hadn't tackled this space - I was overwhelmed by its size and had not really thought about its possible uses or why I had neglected it.  It also zeroed in on what family disliked about the space and why we weren't using it - the unfortunate yellow paint color we let the 4-year-old choose when we moved in and that space was largely empty -- and how easy these things were to fix.  Most importantly of all, having identified the obstacles to making the space an inviting, useful part of our home and the ease of addressing those issues, I was immediately inspired by ideas of how to break the space into zones that would be invited from both a design and family function perspective.  To put the cherry on top, SDS helped bring my inspiration home by providing additional support to achieve my goals with minimal expense.  I learned so much, accomplished so much, and am thrilled with SDS. I give them my highest recommendation!     (Clair) 

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