Testimonials & Case Studies

Sanctuary Design Solutions (SDS) is very friendly, easy going, and flexible to work with. After an initial discussion, Elena sent me a pre-work questionnaire, which optimized our first session. The first session was very efficient. We exchanged ideas, and together developed a plan on optimizing our home space, with simple and inexpensive options to create more efficient storage space with great design. I very much like the motto of the SDS - not only space optimization but also individual design. Now my rooms look much better AND with more storage space!!! This is incredible. Elena still follows up with me on the progress and reminds me of the next steps. She is very approachable, with active listening. Elena proposes several potential solutions to choose from and discusses pros and cons of each of them.  Overall, I have been very happy with the SDS work with us and highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for creative design and efficiency. (Eleanor P.)

My Husband Is My Client

Today we continue with case studies. The unique element of our approach is that we ensure clients' satisfaction through intentional and non-traditional modules, which we find super effective). We then suggest, consult, and, if the client desires - co-created the next steps or take it into our hands.

I had an unbelievable client today - my husband. And guess what, no tension. Just good outcomes! Can't wait to share. Might have been our most effective and fast collaboration. (Stay tune for how it all ends....)

You become the creator, we are the facilitator. 

Unless you want to let go, we are prepared to work with your style. 

The choice and the success are yours!